Abdou Cherif’s career to date includes the following performances:


July, Tribute to Abdelhalim Hafez at the Beiteddine Festival in Lebanon


February, Special Valentine’s Evening under the thema “Let’s Sing Love” at the Cairo Opera House in Egypt


February, Charity Evening for the benefit of the Moroccan association for the fight against cancer under the patronage of His Majesty King Mohamed VI


July, Rebab Golden Decoration of Folk Arts Festival at the Palace of Congress in Marrakech, Morocco

June, Opening ceremony of the Festival of Mediterranean Opera Sayed Darwish in Alexandria, Egypt


July, Opening Ceremony of the Cairo International Festival at the convention center in Egypt

March, Decoration of the Silver Scepter at the Cairo Theatre of the Air Force House for services to social work in Egypt


December, Commemoration of Abdelhalim Hafez at the Mégarama Theatre in Casablanca, Morocco

February, Valentine’s Day Celebration at the Royal Pavilion, BIEL Lebanon


May, Nightingale Night Celebration at the Cairo Opera House in Egypt


May, Tribute to Abdelhalim Hafez at the Cairo Opera House in Egypt


August, Closing ceremony of Asilah Festival in Morocco

April, Closing Ceremony of the Dubai Festival in the United Arab Emirates

February, Orbit Festival of Arabic songs at the Forum de Beyrouth in Lebanon